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Let's Meet This Elite Group:

  Jay Ridenour
   Bruce Gubser
   Lori Gubser
  Andrea Pomajzl 
Anthony Patras
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Iron Slobs

The Iron Slobs is our group of chefs that prepare grilled delicacies for many of our functions and events for Frontier H-D. This is an elite group (so they say) and they allow only one apprentice at a time. But besides the "Attitude" They have done a GREAT job!

Before every Round-Up they- "acquire" don't ask, -the grub, fire up the grill, and cook it. They have been known to grill brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and even some ribs. So when you come to the Round Ups, if every thing goes OK, they start serving around 5:45. You can have the meat of your choice, all the fixings that go with and most of the time desert.

They do all this for a mere donation of 7 bucks. Where can you eat for that? You can bring your own favorite beverage, or there is a pop machine in the HOG Pen.

Please feel free to communicate with the Iron Slobs at  ironslobs@frontierhog.com with your suggestions, or to just give them a big "Thank You" for all of the work they put in to keep us fed at Frontier events!